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Pakistan’s Biggest Game Show!


Pakistan’s Biggest Game Show!

A show like no and other, where the fun never stop and the prize just keep on coming. A Thrilling segment based game show, Bol Game Show Helpline Number with twists and turns beyond imagination.

With excitement and riches around every corner, conducted in front of the Live audiences, where almost all of the crowd will not go home empty handed. In addition to the Live audiences prizes will also be given to those lucky viewers who join in through Live phone calls.

Bol News Game Show Head Officer 03460755393 Whatsapp Helpline Number.

Bol Game Show” as known to all is a game show, which is being aired on Bol Network, every Friday & Sunday live at 9 pm. The show is hosted and presented by Danish Taimoor. For More Details Call/Whatsapp:

Bol Game Show is a game show Bol Game Show  very famous in Pakistan and others countries Many Peoples Search Daily.

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If you search this kind of words in google so call now on these provided numbers and get passes when you get passes then you able to join show – Join Show and win Free prize Car Gold Bikes Mobiles etc So Hold Now your phone and Call on provided numbers Bol Game Show bolnews game show head officer Whatsapp  03460755393..

Important Message.?
..گیم شو پروگرام میں حصہ لینے کا طریقہ کار
آپ کی عمر 18 سے 80 سال کے درمیان ہونی چاہئے۔
اگر آپ کی عمر 18 سال سے کم ہے تو ، پاس آپ کے والدین کو دیا جائے گا اور آپ ان کے ساتھ جاسکتے ہیں۔
والدین دو بچے لے سکتے ہیں۔ مزید داخل نہیں ہوسکتا۔
اگر پورا خاندان شو میں حصہ لینا چاہتا ہے تو آپ ایک سے زیادہ پاس حاصل کرسکتے ہیں۔

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